100 Classic Hikes in Northern California

100 Classic Hikes in Northern California hiking trails guidebook“Get The Guide for Northern California Hiking”

You love to explore the outdoors, to get away from everyday life.

Yet you have questions:

  • Where are the most spectacular places?
  • When should I go so I see the most beauty and lower my risk of snow and bad weather?
  • What should I bring to make sure I’m comfortable and prepared?
  • How difficult is the hike—is it within my capabilities?
  • How do I navigate the highways and dirt roads to get to the trailhead?
  • How do I stay on the right trails when I’m hiking?

I (or my bro and co-author Marc Soares) have personally hiked every inch of every trail. I write to capture the beauty and uniqueness of each area, but I pay particular attention to making sure that you have all the answers to these questions. It’s crucial for your safety, and also for getting the most out of your hiking experience.

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What makes 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California the one guidebook you must have?

  • beautiful color photos show you what you will see on every hike
  • completely revised third edition
  • thoroughly reviewed by expert trail supervisors
  • detailed trail maps—know exactly where to go
  • informative elevation profiles give the rise and fall of each hike
  • web addresses, phone numbers, and addresses for all agencies

Where to buy your copy of 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California:

  • Click here to get your discounted copy at Amazon.com
  • Your local independent bookstore (call first to make sure they have it)
  • Barnes and Noble stores
  • Your favorite outdoors store (call first to make sure they have it; if they don’t, have them order it from their distributor or direct from The Mountaineers books: 1-800-553-4453, x130)
  • Park/national forest visitor centers (call first to make sure they have it)

Why others think you should get 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California:

“The indispensable trail guide to the stunning country of Northern California.”
Outside magazine

“This is an exceptionally well-designed book for hikers across the spectrum. Whether you’re a neophyte or have climbed Denali, this book contains all the essential information you need to tackle the hikes listed. The photos are all in color and are breathtaking! You really get a sense of what each hike will look like before you undertake it. Every hike also has a color map to accompany the text description. The maps are easy to follow and instructive.
Equally pleasing is that the authors take the time to describe each hike in extensive detail, though they are never wordy. They list the elevation gains, give succinct but necessary directions to each trailhead and provide ample analysis of the strengths/weaknesses of each trek. The book is small and light enough to carry in your backpack, if you feel the need to consult it while on the trail.
I have over 50 hiking books in my library and it would be hard to imagine a more complete, more photographically stunning or better written guide. I enthusiastically recommend this gem!”
–Candace Scott, author of over 900 book reviews on Amazon.com

“I just got this book. It is the most beautiful hiking guide I’ve ever seen. There are nearly a hundred full-color photos, and even the maps are creatively colored. We leave it on our coffee table for easy perusal. We have two other hiking books on Northern California, but this one is definitely our favorite. If you are only getting one hiking guide for the north state, this is it.”
–Scott Simmons on Amazon.com

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This trail locator map shows your wide range of hiking options:


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The Trails-at-a-Glance guide gives you a nutshell view of highlights, distance, and difficulty for each hike:




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Why is The Mountaineers Books, publisher of 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California, a good publisher of outdoors books?

They are one of the largest publishers in the world of books about the outdoors. They publish a lot of guidebooks, but also how-to books. They specialize in mountaineering and feature books by many of the world’s most famous climbers.