Wolves Spotted in Modoc County’s Warner Mountains?

by John Soares on November 23, 2010

The Warner Mountains and the Surprise Valley are one of my favorite hidden gems of far northern California. Hike 46, “Patterson Lake and Squaw Peak,” in my 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California explores the high reaches of the South Warner Mountains and is one of my all-time favorite hiking trails.

Now there’s some intel that wolves might have made it back to the Warner Mountains. Here’s San Francisco Chronicle writer Tom Stienstra on the subject:

The reports make sense because Rocky Mountain elk – which wolves track, stalk and kill for food – have been verified as having migrated from Idaho to Nevada and into the South Warner Mountains, east of Alturas in Modoc County. Most of the wolf sightings are in this area, in the vicinity of Surprise Valley near the eastern flank of the Warners, where they could prey on the elk, according to Jean Bilodeaux, a reporter and author, and Valerie Lantz, executive director of the Central Modoc River Center.

I’ll likely make a trip to the area in late spring or early summer, and I’ll definitely be lookin’ for Brother Wolf.


There actually is a wolf in northern California, at least in late December of 2011. Read about wolf OR7 in California’s Siskiyou County.

Gray Wolf. (Credit: Tracy Brooks/Mission Wolf/USFWS)

Gray Wolf. (Credit: Tracy Brooks/Mission Wolf/USFWS)

Have you seen what you thought was a wolf in northern California? Share!

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