Hiking the Lost Coast

by John Soares on April 27, 2010

Rick McCharles of the BestHike.com blog just wrote about his recent exploration of the Lost Coast of far northern California:

A quick summary:

• camp anywhere you like, but in established sites
• beware Bear visits
• severe storms typical
• no bridges, many creek crossings
• be forewarned about ticks and Lyme disease
• all water must be treated
• don’t be surprised to find a rattle snake in a pile of driftwood
• mobile phone coverage unlikely
• it’s remote, rescue slow and difficult

Rick also discusses the dangers of getting caught by high tides and getting sucked out to sea by rogue waves.

You’ve got to see Rick’s stunning pics, and the link to the full set on Flickr. Wow!

Lost Coast of Northern California. Photo by Rick McCharles.

Lost Coast of Northern California. Photo by Rick McCharles.

I’ve explored the northern section of the Lost Coast, but my brother and co-author Marc Soares was the lucky dog who got to do the whole thing for our 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California.

Late spring is a good time to go.

Been to the Lost Coast? What were your experiences?

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