Trinity Alps Hiking/Backpacking Trails Update

by John Soares on January 21, 2009

Note: go see the July 1, 2010 Trinity Alps hiking and backpacking trails update post!

The Trinity Alps in far Northern California suffered heavily from fires this summer, and many of the trails that hikers and backpackers love were impacted. I have a special concern because, not only do I love the Trinity Alps, but six hikes in my hiking book 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California are in the Trinity Alps:

Hike 56: Big Bear Lake
Hike 57: Caribou, Emerald, and Sapphire Lakes
Hike 58: Horseshoe and Ward Lakes
Hike 59: Granite Lake and Seven Up Gap
Hike 60: Four Lakes Loop
Hike 61: Canyon Creek Lakes and Boulder Creek Lakes

I’ve just found a Shasta-Trinity National Forest Trinity Alps trail update. I’m happy to report that all six of the trails in my book are in good shape. Of course, they are all under snow now and will be until sometime in late spring/early summer. I’ll be sure to give you an update then.

Check the above trail update link for all of your other favorite Trinity Alps hikes. There are whole books written on Trinity Alps trails. My coauthor Marc and I picked the best six for inclusion in the book. We strongly considered inclusion of Grizzly Lake, but the 100 hike limit for all of Northern California meant we had to leave it out.

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