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75 Hikes Shasta-Lassen


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Hiking the Shasta-Lassen Region

Why you need 75 Hikes in California’s Mount Shasta and Lassen Volcanic National Park Regions:

When you buy this book, you have the one complete hiking guide that takes you to the most beautiful and accessible trails of this stunning region:

  • active evidence of the volcanic nature of California’s Cascades: steaming fumaroles and bubbling mudpots at Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park
  • stunning waterfalls, such as Burney Falls and the three waterfalls on the McCloud River
  • the two tallest peaks: Mount Shasta at 14,162 feet, and Lassen Peak at 10,451 feet, plus a bevy of other summits
  • the isolated canyon country of the Ishi Wilderness
  • the opportunity to explore long, dark lava tubes such as Subway Cave and the many caves of Lava Beds National Monument
  • verdant expanses of green such as Panther Meadows on Mount Shasta and King’s Creek Meadows in Lassen Volcanic National Park

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Why you want 75 Hikes in California’s Mount Shasta and Lassen Volcanic National Park Regions with you when you explore this stunning country:

  • updated here, so you have the latest trail information
  • completely revised in 2006
  • accurate facts—all hikes reviewed by rangers and agency trail experts
  • accurate trail maps—help you navigate the many trail forks, including the unmarked ones
  • eighty-one photos show you what you’ll experience on the trails

Where to buy your own copy of 75 Hikes in California’s Mount Shasta and Lassen Volcanic National Park Regions:

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  • Barnes and Noble, Borders, and local bookstores (call first to make sure they have it)
  • The friendly folks at your favorite outdoor store (call first to make sure they have it; if they don’t, have them order it from their distributor or direct from The Mountaineers books: 1-800-553-4453, x130;
  • Park/national forest visitor centers (call first to make sure they have it)

This overview map from 75 Hikes in California’s Mount Shasta and Lassen Volcanic National Park Regions locates every trail in the area:

75 Hikes Shasta Lassen trail locator map

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Here's the table of contents from 75 Hikes in California’s Mount Shasta and Lassen Volcanic National Park Regions:

Acknowledgments 9
Introduction 11
How to Use This Book 11
What to Take 13
Safety 13
A Note About Safety 16
Wilderness Ethics  16
Enjoying the Wilderness 17
Lassen Volcanic National Park 19
  1. Brokeoff Mountain 20
  2. Mill Creek Falls 22
  3. Sulphur Works and Ridge Lakes 24
  4. Lake Helen to Bumpass Hell 26
  5. Lassen Peak 28
  6. Terrace, Shadow, and Cliff Lakes 31
  7. Cold Boiling Lake, Crumbaugh Lake, and Bumpass Hell 33
  8. Kings Creek, Kings Creek Falls, and Sifford Lakes 35
  9. Twin Lakes, Snag Lake, and Horseshoe Lake 37
10. Cluster Lakes and Twin Lakes 40
11. Terrace, Shadow, and Cliff Lakes via Paradise Meadows 42
12. Chaos Crags and Crags Lake 44
13. Manzanita Creek 46
14. Cinder Cone, Snag Lake, and Butte Lake Loop 48
15. Prospect Peak 51
16. Boiling Springs Lake and Devil’s Kitchen 53
17. Mount Harkness 56
18. Crystal Lake 59
19. Horseshoe, Indian, and Juniper Lakes Loop 60
20. Inspiration Point 62
21. Snag, Widow, and Jakey Lakes 64
Near Lassen Volcanic National Park 67
22. Beauty, Posey, and Long Lakes Loop 68
23. Emerald, Rim, and Cypress Lakes 70
24. Gem, Black, and Cowboy Lakes Loop 73
25. Triangle and Turnaround Lakes 74
26. Bizz Johnson Trail: Devil’s Corral to Susanville 77
27. Deer Creek 79
28. Lower Mill Creek: North Side 82
29. Lower Mill Creek: South Side 84
30. Upper Mill Creek South to Black Roc 86
31. Antelope Creek 89
32. Spencer Meadow National Recreation Trail 91
33. Heart Lake National Recreation Trail 94
34. Spatter Cone Trail 96
35. Subway Cave to Hat Creek Rim 98
36. Hat Creek 100
37. Hat Creek Rim to Grassy Lake 102
38. Lake Eiler Loop 104
39. Everett Lake, Magee Lake, and Magee Peak 107
40. Crystal and Baum Lakes 109
41. Hat Creek to Baum Lake Dam 112
42. Hat Creek/Pit River Confluence 113
43. Burney Falls 115
44. Pit River Falls 118
45. Big Lake and Horr Pond 120
46. Crystal Springs and Ja She Creek 122
47. Spatter Cone Loop Trail 125
48. Big Lake Springs 127
Mount Shasta Wilderness 129
49. Gray Butte 131
50. Squaw Meadows 133
51. Panther Meadows 134
52. Mount Shasta Summit via Avalanche Gulch 136
53. Whitney Falls 139
54. Brewer Creek 141
Near Mount Shasta Wilderness 144
55. Lower and Middle Falls of the McCloud River 145
56. McCloud River Preserve 147
57. Squaw Valley Creek 149
58. Indian Creek and Flume Trails 152
59. River Trail 154
60. Indian Springs and Castle Dome 156
61. Sulphur Creek and Burstarse Falls 158
62. Twin Lakes and Tamarack Lake 160
63. Black Butte 162
64. Castle Lake, Heart Lake, and Mount Bradley Ridge 164
65. Seven Lakes Basin 167
66. Pacific Crest Trail to Porcupine Lake and the Deadfall Lakes 169
67. Deadfall Lakes and Mount Eddy 172
68. North Fork Sacramento River to Deadfall Summit 175
Lava Beds National Monument 178
69. Bunchgrass Trail 179
70. Symbol Bridge and Big Painted Cave 182
71. Whitney Butte 183
72. Schonchin Butte 186
73. Black Crater/Thomas-Wright Battlefield 188
74. Gillem Bluff 190
75. Captain Jack’s Stronghold 193
Appendix 1: Information 196
Appendix 2: Campgrounds 197
Appendix 3: What to Take 201
Appendix 4: Further Reading 202
Index 203

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They are one of the largest publishers in the world of books about the outdoors. They currently sell about 500 titles, distributed over many areas related to the outdoors, including guidebooks and how-to, especially trails and mountaineering.